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Buncha Link and Navi pics by Rachel Morris… who is on Flickr, for those who’ve missed her since she closed down her Tumblr page. 

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that last panel xD


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inspired by animaiden's oc, Ana, the sky-haired girl. 

screaming because I’m so inactive in both DA and tumblr and when I show up, I butchered someone’s oc so much orz

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17th October 2014 @ 05:33pm


Fluffneck Luka (old photo)

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Peonies by Alphonse Mucha, Ink and Watercolor c. 1897 via Wikimedia Commons

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Miss Helen Dunham, Detail.

by John Singer Sargent, (1892)

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Nature; No Photoshop required.

1. Lenticular Clouds
2. Anvil Clouds
3. Cirrus Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds
4. Fallstreak Hole
5. Mammatus Clouds
6. Polar Stratospheric Cloud
7. Roll Cloud
8. Undulatus Asperatus
9. Mammatus Clouds
10. Undulatus Asperatus

I fucking love clouds

That shit looks wicked mean, but creative.

I don’t know if it makes me a nerd, but the only one I couldn’t remember the name of was the Fallstreak Hole.

I’ve seen some undulatus Asperatus before (even before the form was named!) and they are so insanely wicked. Man I love clouds.

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…And she means every single word.

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